Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

The Longthews Massacre

The party regrouped in Kalsgard, and reuniting at the Jade Quarter gates found rooms at the Hunting Serpent Inn in the Ice Quarter. Chit found Kelda, who was not relieved to see him. He began dealing his drugs to wary Ulfen who didn’t understand much other than free samples, prices and highs (Notoriety: +5). Kelda has talked into helping reclaim her honor as a warrior.

Francisca hired a translator, a tavern server named Broddi Gudbrandsson to assist in searching for Flynn Snaevald. Broddi made a bit of a scene quitting his job at the inn for that sweet 1 GP/day money (Notoriety: +1). Asking around at the Snaevald Trading Company, Grind Flynnson lead the group to his father, the elderly Flynn Snaevald and one time buyer of Suishen. Flynn claimed the sword was stolen in a home invasion robbery-murder a couple weeks ago, and that three of his servants were killed. When asked if they had gold armbands, Flynn said yes, and demanded blood instead of weregild, promising Francisca Suishen if his servants were avenged.

Asking around town about Asvig Longthews, the group found that his liege and ring-giver Snorri Stone-Eye died today, and that his funeral was scheduled for tomorrow morning. The implication was that his vassals would celebrate his life tonight with a party, which the group decided to crash, and asked around to find the location of his manor (Notoriety: +5).

Kicking in the doors, Francisca demanded a duel to a bunch of drunken warriors sworn to protect their lord. Violence immediately ensued, and in the fighting Longthews and 12 of his men were killed. Searching the house there was no sign of Suishen, and Flynn was pleased. A great many items of value were found, however the group is aware that killing for honor may be legal and approved of, but even petty theft is dealt with harshly in Ulfen society. And another group of 20 or so warriors seems to be heading down the road to the manor.

Inventory of valuables found while searching the Longthews house:
chain shirt x19
mwk chainmail
light wooden shield x20
mwk heavy wooden shield
battleaxe x17
mwk battleaxe x2
throwing axe x36
shortspear x9
+1 shortspear
mwk sickle
gold lion arm ring x19
platinum lion arm ring
felt cloak x4
copper neck ring x8
gold neck ring
silver brooch x5
gold brooch
jeweked brooch
silver pommel cap x5
walrus ivory pommel cap
whalebone tally stick
bales of angora wool x3
bag of coins (258 sp, 47 gp)
potion of divine favor
boots of elvenkind

Relationship Scores

Went through totaled Francisca’s total relationship scores. These give mechanical bonuses as well as XP. Since we’re not doing XP leveling, this doesn’t matter in a granular fashion, but should mean we get levels maybe a little sooner as the rewards aren’t insignificant.

To recap, your relationship score is a base of your charisma modifier. Any campaign trait with an NPC gives you a +4 bonus. When you level, you can choose to increase it by 1 with an NPC of your choice. Then you can give gifts to get more and the rewards gained through play.

Here are Francisca’s values with all that factored in for her.

Ameiko: 12 (Fellowship – +1,600 XP)
Shelelu: 6 (Friendship – +200 XP)
Kelda and Koya: 5 (Associates – No XP)
Everyone Else: 3 (Associates)

1,800 XP translates to quarter of the way from 4th to 5th level assuming medium XP advancement. The reward for devotion is +3,200 XP the first time and you keep getting XP rewards for other NPCs relationship advancements. I would argue this translates roughly to being 1 level ahead than the RAW XP rewards in the AP alone.

Also, having a fellowship with an NPC gives me a +1 morale bonus to all charisma-based checks which is huge as a charisma based character. This puts her diplomacy modifier at a +17 as long as Ameiko is alive. I’m going to start tracking these on my character profile here on OP and in my paper notes.

Setting sail for Kalsgard

Jan 8th: Aplenka introduces Faunra to the caravan. Aplenka and Faunra find out some things about Kalsgard. Ellie continues keeping Shalelu sober as a sponsor. Francisca picks up two guards, Otto and Virginia. The caravan loaded up onto the ship (“The Lusty Eel”, run by Captain Sutten). Lucian spends his time reading and observing the fellow humans. The trip from Riddleport to Kalsgard is expected to be 11 days.

Jan 9th: Ellie tries to get Shalelu into gambling. Shalelu does not get addicted yet.

Jan 10th: Sailing, sailing…

Jan 11th: Twelve Sahuagin attack. The party killed 5, 2 were unconscious, and 5 fled. No casualties among the ship’s crew or caravan, and no damage was done to the ship. Captain Sutten is extremely grateful for your assistance, and will offer a token of his gratitude (TBD depending on checks).

Loot from the sahuagin: 7 tridents (base value 15 gp ea), 7 underwater heavy crossbows (100gp ea), 80 bolts (8 gp total), a lead holy symbol of Besmara (5 pounds, Sandru appraises it at 10 gp), a black pearl (Sandru appraises it at 300gp), two Potion Sponges of Air Bubble (identified by Koya, Sandru appraises it at 52gp ea). If you have Sandru sell it all in Kalsgard, total proceeds will be 760gp, splitting 430gp into the caravan’s fund and 380gp to the PCs to split.

Ellie: +1 Shalelu (“This sobriety thing isn’t easy”)
Francisca: No change
Aplenka: No change
Faunra: No change

Breaking the Party

Jan 2: Chitt and Kelda continue north, followed by a creepy bird. Francisca, Sandru and Shalelu continue south in pursuit of Ameiko. Scout heads north from Crying Leaf with draft animals to the main road and meets up with the main caravan.

Jan 3: Chitt and Kelda continue north.

Jan 4: Chitt and Kelda arrive in Jol.

Jan 5: Chitt and Kelda stay in Jol.

Jan 6: Chitt and Kelda travel north from Jol and are ambushed near a bridge by dozens of Ulfen raiders. Chitt runs away in the fog, blows the bridge, and Kelda is left to fight them alone. Main caravan encounters a mysterious wayshrine to Desna, and finds their travels significantly faster and easier than expected. Francisca takes in a show from Obsidian, as Ameiko assumes a new identity.

Jan 7: Chitt wanders south in the hills trying to find his way back to Jol. Scout arrives in Jol to see if Chitt arrived safely, but doesn’t find him. Main caravan arrives in Riddleport.

Jan 8: Main caravan in Riddleport preparing to get underway to Kalsgard. Chitt arrives back in Jol and keeps a low profile looking for a caravan north.

+3 Ameiko (“You risked your life for my family legacy at Brinewall. Ballsy to ride off into the wilds to chase down someone who doesn’t want to be found. I guess that’s just how friends are.”),
+1 Shalelu (“I guess I deserved that intervention.”),
+2 Kelda (“You saved my life and convinced me to accept help to get home.”)

+2 Ameiko (“You came to save me and risked your life for my family legacy at Brinewall… even though I kinda tricked you into it… I owe you.”),
+1 Sandru (“You took care of the caravan and my guys when I didn’t”),
+3 Koya (“We walk the same path, and surely Desna herself sent that wayshrine into our way. Fate has clearly chosen you to be with us, and for that we’re lucky.”),
+1 Shalelu (“I didn’t know I was your friend… that I actually mattered to you. Thanks.”),
+1 Kelda (“You saved my life.”),
+1 Spivey (“You didn’t leave me alone… I’ve been alone for too long.”)

+2 Ameiko (“You came to save me and risked your life for my family legacy at Brinewall… even though I kinda tricked you into it… I owe you.”),
-1 Kelda (“You helped save me, and tried to help me get home… but then ran when I was actually in need.”)

+2 Ameiko (“You risked your life for our family legacy at Brinewall… and family means a lot more for us now.”),
-1 Sandru (“You left the caravan. We’re stronger together.”),
+1 Shalelu (“You went to Crying Leaf? TELL ME ALL THE GOSSIP!”)

+1 Ameiko (“You came to save me and risked your life for my family legacy at Brinewall… you did more than just a guard job. Thank you.”),
+2 Shalelu (“Nice shooting out there, you done good. Send my love to Crying Leaf.”),
-1 Sandru (“You abandoned the caravan when we needed protection.”),
-1 Koya (“Quite insulting… but I think he just loved the quiet of the travel. Desna be with him on his next journey.”)

Gestalt contrast

I did a “what if” gestalt of Francisca with bloodrager. I also updated her base character sheet here to let you all see the differences. It wasn’t a full update including new ability descriptions, but the weapons have been added and numeric stats updated. Without further ado…

Normal Francisca, no rage or smite: http://pastebin.com/QetMRszC
Raging plus smite: http://pastebin.com/G01JP9bT

Major changes are hp and extra attack statistics thanks to rage. Also got a few more skill ranks that I put to offset ACP and give her ranks in perception. The celestial bloodline from bloodrager also gives her +1d6 versus evil outsiders and her weapons count as good while she’s raging which will stack with holy/bane that will be down the line plus a few other defensive abilities. Plus, the spells from bloodrager lets her enlarge and draw a line that lets her take more AoOs which are quite fitting for her being a paladin.

Just an exhibition if we want to go hunting that army ourselves.

Plans versus the army of demons

What do we want to do? Francisca is all for going total war with them head to head.

The Third Vault

Dec 28th: In the early hours of the morning, the group continued their foray into the castle, killing a wight, the quickling, rescuing Kelda Oxgutter from the intellectually challenged ogre, and encountering a spectral blue maiden. Kelda recounted her tale as the last of the raiders who killed the drake in Brinewall harbor, and was overwhelmed by some mysterious creature in the caves under Brinewall, and would reward the party for freeing her if they escorted her safely to her home in Karlsgard. They eventually found the vaults, broke down the gate and found a false wall. Within that third vault was the ghost of Rokuro Kaijitsu and another false wall. Within lie three chests, including one with the Warding Box containing the Amatatsu Seal.

When the Box was opened, the kami of the Amatatsu Seal first gave Ameiko a vision of jade, then quickly left her body and returned to the Seal and presented the visions of jade to the people in the room with the Seal. These visions were some means of communication from the kami world to the human world. The opening of the Box also seemed to trigger some sort of divination, as the oni have been seeking this artifact for decades. The visions showed many details that the party members suddenly knew, including that the Amatatsu family had sold the family sword Suishen to an amber trader in Karlsgard.

Leaving the vaults, the party ran into and killed Kikonu in the stairwell, who warned them “You’ll never make it out alive!” Of course, Kikonu was also insane, so who knows what that meant. Exiting the castle, the party was immediately under fire from an enraged harpy. Arrows and javelins convinced it to retreat, though Scout also saw some sort of magic in the Brinewall library tower.

By dawn the group had rigged the broken wagon to be fit to travel and the caravan headed out of Brinewall and met the trail north towards Jol and Karlsgard. Scout left the party for Crying Leaf.

Dec 29: During the night Sandru and Ameiko ran off south. Giving chase, Francisca, Chit and Shalelu tracked them up to where they met an exhausted Sandru who told them Ameiko had asked him to help her get to Riddleport. Chit went back to the caravan camp, where he and Kelda decided to go north to Karlsgard. Ellie, Koya, Spivey, the drivers and the wainwright made camp to repair the wagons, having only one horse between them.

Dec 30: Francisca, Sandru and Shalelu continued riding south, but between them they kept a slower pace than one rider alone would keep. Ameiko’s tracks continued, but she seemed to be pulling ahead of them.

Scout ran into a roving tribe of Nolander horsemen, which were the only people who understood Scout in a long time.

Chit and Kelda continued north, as Chit tried to irritate the chaotic neutral barbarian while they were out in the wild where no one would find the body when she killed him… Unfortunately for her, her honor dictated not murdering her companion who have technically been there when others saved her life.

Ellie and the camp continued to rest and repair, as well as foraging for food and supplies.

Dec 31: Scout arrives in Crying Leaf, and starts to question if he should help the caravan.

The others continue in the respective paths.

Jan 1: Ellie and the caravan encounter some traveling Nolanders, and convinces them to barter. Koya trades her mother’s amethyst ring for a riding horse, Ellie buys a horse with cash and herbs, and the horsemen agree to trade another horse for a variety of spellcasting, fortune-telling, and healing services. Having enough horses to begin moving the caravan (though riding horses instead of draft horses), they caravan heads south towards Riddleport.

Scout rides towards the caravan’s trail to meet up with the caravan. Upon hearing that Chit and Kelda went off into the wilds alone in the middle of winter, he rides quickly up in that direction.

Francisca, Shalelu and Sandru continue following Ameiko.

Jan 2:

Storming the Castle

December 26th: Scout and Chit stormed the gate when they saw it open to allow a patrol out. After securing the gate house, the others were called up to being a protracted sweep of the castle. Dire corbies, an ettercap, ogrekin, troglodytes, a quickling, and a strange red skinned man were among the residents of the castle. Many strange creatures seemed to be living in the same castle together, and many of those are now dead. Among the dead was Francisca, made to laugh to death as dire corbies tore her apart. Spivey knew of a scroll of Raise Dead stored secretly some miles away that she had encountered decades ago in her travels, and retrieved it for Koya to bring Francisca back from the dead. The group occupied the castle’s stables as a resting point during the operation, while a winged figure watched them from atop the castle.

December 27th: In the dark, early hours of the morning, the group resumed its attack on the inner keep of Castle Brinewall.

End ~4am

Two KIA, two MIA, and three recruited

December 25th: Scout, Francisca, Shalelu and Sandru set up an ambush and killed three dire corbies. While fearless and vicious, they didn’t present much threat. Bringing the bodies up to the gatehouse however lead to a dozen enraged (or maybe hungry?) dire corbies launching themselves over the wall to attack. While the dire corbies were all killed without much effort, the survivors seemed content having sent the message that they are not afraid to die.

Some effort was made to build a portable ram to knock in the rusty iron gate, but as night fell the group fell back to the more defensible barracks. Setting traps and moving horses to a nearby forge, the guards through the night had to deal with interrupting quickling harassment as it destroyed a wagon and used it as kindling to try to set the buildings on fire. The second guard was killed, as were two horses. Numerous grotesque but vividly lifelike taxidermies of small woodland creatures were left outside the barracks door as some sort of gift (or fey mind trick), while hearts were carved all over the walls of the barracks, though only about two feet off the ground.

December 26th: Koya and Spivey suggested the quickling may have some sort of twisted crush on Aplenka, and that could be why Aplenka and Bran had left. After the second funeral, Francisca convinced Spvey to held them in their quest to drive out the dire corbies. Later in the morning, a rowboat came to the dock carrying a human woman and a ratfolk man (and their mounts). They said their names were Ellie and Chit respectively. Chit deduced that Ameiko’s coma is induced by a spirit of some sort trying to control her. A voice came out of Ameiko saying something like ‘Birds can’t fly’ and ‘Beware the birds’. It didn’t sound like Ameiko’s voice at all.

After creating more arrows, acid and a portable ram, and collecting some mugwort extract, Scout and Chit approached Castle Brinewall on Hawkster. As they approached the gate began to open, and Scout charged in on Hawkster… this could get interesting.

End ~12pm

The night of the quickling

December 24th: After setting up camp for the night, the watches were attacked by a quickling: a supernaturally fast fey, that was running between carts and tents, and cutting guards as they set watch. It seemed to have a thing for Aplenka, and it managed to kill one guard before he could go back for healing.

December 25th: In the morning, the party checked some abandoned buildings, finding a barracks and a former smithy among other damaged structures. Koya demanded the party bury the guard, and went with them to the nearby cemetery. The cemetery was meticulously maintained, and it appeared that Spivey, a lyrakien and devout Desnite, had been keeping this cemetery peaceful for the last decade or so. Spivey was suspicious of the interlopers until Koya performed a moving ceremony for a fallen traveler in the presence of Desna. Spivey warned that Brinewall castle was occupied by “crazy bird men”, and encouraged the party to clear them out.

Camp was moved into the barracks. Aplenka scouted the castle, finding one gatehouse, several watch towers, two fortified siege positions and 20’ stone walls. Some humanoids walked on top of the walls from time to time.

End ~9am

Mechanics note: Quicklings are only invisible when they have not moved for at least one round. Given a dark night, lots of cover, shadows and overgrowth, and a +18 Stealth modifier it can generally find a good place to hide moving at half speed (60’) with no Stealth penalty. It is then visible until it goes a round without moving… but searching an area that large wasn’t easy. When Aplenka was getting stabbed from under wagons, she would have had an AoO as it left (though the quickling would have cover and miss chance) if she wasn’t using a reach weapon. Harassment is the fey specialty, so it’s safe to assume it’s coming back soon, once the quickling sees an advantageous situation again.


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