Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

Storming the Castle

December 26th: Scout and Chit stormed the gate when they saw it open to allow a patrol out. After securing the gate house, the others were called up to being a protracted sweep of the castle. Dire corbies, an ettercap, ogrekin, troglodytes, a quickling, and a strange red skinned man were among the residents of the castle. Many strange creatures seemed to be living in the same castle together, and many of those are now dead. Among the dead was Francisca, made to laugh to death as dire corbies tore her apart. Spivey knew of a scroll of Raise Dead stored secretly some miles away that she had encountered decades ago in her travels, and retrieved it for Koya to bring Francisca back from the dead. The group occupied the castle’s stables as a resting point during the operation, while a winged figure watched them from atop the castle.

December 27th: In the dark, early hours of the morning, the group resumed its attack on the inner keep of Castle Brinewall.

End ~4am



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