Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

The Longthews Massacre

The party regrouped in Kalsgard, and reuniting at the Jade Quarter gates found rooms at the Hunting Serpent Inn in the Ice Quarter. Chit found Kelda, who was not relieved to see him. He began dealing his drugs to wary Ulfen who didn’t understand much other than free samples, prices and highs (Notoriety: +5). Kelda has talked into helping reclaim her honor as a warrior.

Francisca hired a translator, a tavern server named Broddi Gudbrandsson to assist in searching for Flynn Snaevald. Broddi made a bit of a scene quitting his job at the inn for that sweet 1 GP/day money (Notoriety: +1). Asking around at the Snaevald Trading Company, Grind Flynnson lead the group to his father, the elderly Flynn Snaevald and one time buyer of Suishen. Flynn claimed the sword was stolen in a home invasion robbery-murder a couple weeks ago, and that three of his servants were killed. When asked if they had gold armbands, Flynn said yes, and demanded blood instead of weregild, promising Francisca Suishen if his servants were avenged.

Asking around town about Asvig Longthews, the group found that his liege and ring-giver Snorri Stone-Eye died today, and that his funeral was scheduled for tomorrow morning. The implication was that his vassals would celebrate his life tonight with a party, which the group decided to crash, and asked around to find the location of his manor (Notoriety: +5).

Kicking in the doors, Francisca demanded a duel to a bunch of drunken warriors sworn to protect their lord. Violence immediately ensued, and in the fighting Longthews and 12 of his men were killed. Searching the house there was no sign of Suishen, and Flynn was pleased. A great many items of value were found, however the group is aware that killing for honor may be legal and approved of, but even petty theft is dealt with harshly in Ulfen society. And another group of 20 or so warriors seems to be heading down the road to the manor.

Inventory of valuables found while searching the Longthews house:
chain shirt x19
mwk chainmail
light wooden shield x20
mwk heavy wooden shield
battleaxe x17
mwk battleaxe x2
throwing axe x36
shortspear x9
+1 shortspear
mwk sickle
gold lion arm ring x19
platinum lion arm ring
felt cloak x4
copper neck ring x8
gold neck ring
silver brooch x5
gold brooch
jeweked brooch
silver pommel cap x5
walrus ivory pommel cap
whalebone tally stick
bales of angora wool x3
bag of coins (258 sp, 47 gp)
potion of divine favor
boots of elvenkind



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