Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

The Third Vault

Dec 28th: In the early hours of the morning, the group continued their foray into the castle, killing a wight, the quickling, rescuing Kelda Oxgutter from the intellectually challenged ogre, and encountering a spectral blue maiden. Kelda recounted her tale as the last of the raiders who killed the drake in Brinewall harbor, and was overwhelmed by some mysterious creature in the caves under Brinewall, and would reward the party for freeing her if they escorted her safely to her home in Karlsgard. They eventually found the vaults, broke down the gate and found a false wall. Within that third vault was the ghost of Rokuro Kaijitsu and another false wall. Within lie three chests, including one with the Warding Box containing the Amatatsu Seal.

When the Box was opened, the kami of the Amatatsu Seal first gave Ameiko a vision of jade, then quickly left her body and returned to the Seal and presented the visions of jade to the people in the room with the Seal. These visions were some means of communication from the kami world to the human world. The opening of the Box also seemed to trigger some sort of divination, as the oni have been seeking this artifact for decades. The visions showed many details that the party members suddenly knew, including that the Amatatsu family had sold the family sword Suishen to an amber trader in Karlsgard.

Leaving the vaults, the party ran into and killed Kikonu in the stairwell, who warned them “You’ll never make it out alive!” Of course, Kikonu was also insane, so who knows what that meant. Exiting the castle, the party was immediately under fire from an enraged harpy. Arrows and javelins convinced it to retreat, though Scout also saw some sort of magic in the Brinewall library tower.

By dawn the group had rigged the broken wagon to be fit to travel and the caravan headed out of Brinewall and met the trail north towards Jol and Karlsgard. Scout left the party for Crying Leaf.

Dec 29: During the night Sandru and Ameiko ran off south. Giving chase, Francisca, Chit and Shalelu tracked them up to where they met an exhausted Sandru who told them Ameiko had asked him to help her get to Riddleport. Chit went back to the caravan camp, where he and Kelda decided to go north to Karlsgard. Ellie, Koya, Spivey, the drivers and the wainwright made camp to repair the wagons, having only one horse between them.

Dec 30: Francisca, Sandru and Shalelu continued riding south, but between them they kept a slower pace than one rider alone would keep. Ameiko’s tracks continued, but she seemed to be pulling ahead of them.

Scout ran into a roving tribe of Nolander horsemen, which were the only people who understood Scout in a long time.

Chit and Kelda continued north, as Chit tried to irritate the chaotic neutral barbarian while they were out in the wild where no one would find the body when she killed him… Unfortunately for her, her honor dictated not murdering her companion who have technically been there when others saved her life.

Ellie and the camp continued to rest and repair, as well as foraging for food and supplies.

Dec 31: Scout arrives in Crying Leaf, and starts to question if he should help the caravan.

The others continue in the respective paths.

Jan 1: Ellie and the caravan encounter some traveling Nolanders, and convinces them to barter. Koya trades her mother’s amethyst ring for a riding horse, Ellie buys a horse with cash and herbs, and the horsemen agree to trade another horse for a variety of spellcasting, fortune-telling, and healing services. Having enough horses to begin moving the caravan (though riding horses instead of draft horses), they caravan heads south towards Riddleport.

Scout rides towards the caravan’s trail to meet up with the caravan. Upon hearing that Chit and Kelda went off into the wilds alone in the middle of winter, he rides quickly up in that direction.

Francisca, Shalelu and Sandru continue following Ameiko.

Jan 2:



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