Bevelek Dalmuvian


Bevelek is a middle aged Varisian caravan driver, and knows how to handle a wagon team better than most drivers. His younger brother, Vankor, takes after him but while Vankor has spent years on the road with his brother, Bevelek is clearly the one pushing for the life on the road. Bevelek isn’t quite as spry as he once was, but he’s lived out in the country his whole life and prefers it even if he’s getting frail. He was once a lumberjack in a small hamlet, and he knows how to work an axe… against a tree, at least. He’s a loyal worker and Sandru considers him and Vankor family.

Varisian Human Male Rogue (Driver) 1
Str 11, Dex 13, Con 7, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 11

Init +5
AC 11
HP 7
Handaxe -3, d6
Dagger (thrown) +1, d4

Appraise 6
Climb +4
Handle Animal +1
Knowledge (engineering) +3
Knowledge (geography) +3
Knowledge (local) +6
Perception +8
Profession (driver) +8 (
12 for land vehicles)
Profession (woodcutter) +8
Survival +5

Feats: Skilled driver (land), Improved Initiative

Class Features:
Hard Drive (Ex): When driving a vehicle that uses a group of animals or magical beasts as muscle propulsion, the DCs of all driving checks are reduced by 2, the maximum speed of the vehicle increases by 10 feet, and the acceleration increases by 5 feet. This ability takes the place of trapfinding.


Bevelek Dalmuvian

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