Shalelu Andosana


Shalelu has seen better days. A few years ago when the Runelord Karzoug arose, she was a hero in that party. She found, confronted, forgave, and buried her step-father Jakardos. Then she nearly died with wounds that never quite healed, and split off the group. Not long after she heard her closest friend, a priestess of Shelyn, had died. It was a traumatic period in her life.

At first she tried leading the Black Arrow Rangers, but spending all day talking to people was not her cup of tea. Her rage lead her to massacre several goblin and giant tribes, but that just amplified her torment. She found that what was her cup of tea was actually wine. Soon, she was just drinking to forget, and to stay near her closest friend left, Ameiko.

Shalelu now spends most of her time at the Rusty Dragon, and half of that time spent sloppy drunk. Ameiko knows her friend is going through a crisis, spiraling deeper into despair and depression, but has failed in all her efforts to fix the situation. Free drinks keep Shalelu close enough to keep an eye on, and Shalelu might end up killing people if she were angry and drunk somewhere else. Indeed, it seems like a matter of time before she does something terrible, though she’s more likely to kill herself than someone else.


Shalelu Andosana

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