Titus Scarnetti


Titus Scarnetti is the head of the noble Scarnetti family in the Varisian town of Sandpoint. He controls all of Sandpoint’s mills and lumber yards, and is therefore one of the most powerful people on the Lost Coast. Nobleman Scarnetti is quite conservative and traditional in his thinking, which often puts him at odds with the other people in town. This disconnect has cost him the race for mayor every time he has run against the more likable Kendra Deverin, and there is no love lost between the two. Lately there have been rumors that Titus has links to certain nefarious individuals in the Sandpoint area (including members of the Sczarni criminal gangs, which have greatly reduced his standing in town.

In the legal, political and economic fallout of the Skinsaw Murders, Titus found his sawmill burnt down, his manor investigated by Sheriff Belor Hemlock with a Norgorber shrine, and his business reputation destroyed. He remains well off enough, but his commercial interests have all changed allegiances.


Titus Scarnetti

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