Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

The River Plan and Brinewall

December 15th – The trails become muddy again as the temperature goes slightly above freezing and moisture continues. A hungry bear danced with Hawkster and Scout before eventually succumbing to hunger, cold and arrows.

December 16th – Rain again. The Velashu River is likely flooding, and since this is late winter it will likely be hard to find operating ferries north of Riddleport.

December 17th – Roderic’s Cove. Francisca sought out and cut a deal with the Port Governor, Jess Gildersleeve. Gildersleeve has some pirates who broke the “no piracy” rule… and a paladin sworn to uphold the law and decency might be useful to her, in exchange for safe passage through Riddleport and across the Velashu. The pirates were attacked and disarmed, before being taken into custody

December 18th – More rain on the well worn road to Riddleport

December 19th – Riddleport. Using Gildersleeve’s writ, Francisca found some individuals at the River Runner Inn who could transport the horses and wagons north of the city on the West bank of the Velashu. The Velashu is at flood levels and as wild as Riddleport’s reputation. Yet Sandru kept an eye out, and no one seemed interested in robbing the group, and all their goods made it to the destination intact.

Ameiko heard a rumor some pirate gang escaped from prison in Roderic’s Cove. One rumor has it the pirates were attacked by thugs hired by some legitimate merchants angry at the piracy. Everyone agrees there was a fight and that Gildersleeve had her men arrest the pirates… Some say they were on the way to arrest them before the merchants hired thugs. Some say they were arrested to save them from certain death, and that Gildersleeve was doing a favor to get out of the pocket of a Riddleport pirate lord… Ameiko is entertained by the games of lies and rumor spin doctoring going on in the local politics, and that Gildersleeve seems to have played several players simultaneously. Ameiko doesn’t mention this to her two paladins, but Sandru and Koya seem to enjoy the story. The truth of what happened is irrelevant to players who have other games to play.

December 20th More rain walking North along the bank of the Velashu. Starting to get colder away from the coast again.
December 21st. Winter Solstice. Bran and Koya hold different solstice prayers. Koya, Shalelu and Bevelek thank Desna for a safe journey and night under the stars. Vankor offers some prayers to Gozreh and the spirits of nature, and tries to hang out with Bran and pretend he’s not a B-list NPC. Bran doesn’t notice.

December 22nd – Walking through The Nolands there’s barely a deer trail. Even the Shoanti have deserted this area, and no caravans seem to have passed through here in months. The horses don’t look well after weeks of cold rain, and look a little sick.

December 23rd – Brinewall. Even with a sign off the main trail, the “trail” to Brinewall takes a hunter’s eye to even know it ever existed. Half the day is spent clearing brush and trees blocking the wagons. While the noblewoman was doing manual labor clearing the trail to her rightful lands, she collapsed and fell unconscious. Koya is working on various theories of treatment, but suspects this is not natural. Koya also suggests the horses (and mules) are coming down with a horse flu… rarely fatal, but enough to leave them too weak to move for perhaps a week. Another ill omen. Unnatural noises are definitely coming from the woods, and the sun has just set. Sandru suggests either the PCs split off or take the whole caravan with them, and the group camps near the edge of the woodline outside the abandoned village of Brinewall. So far, it’s certainly living up to its reputation as a cursed, haunted place that every sane being should avoid. And the party hasn’t yet set foot into town.

End ~5pm

Best friends campaign trait

The way it’s written, best friends is current, not childhood only.

Best Friend: You are best friends with one of the NPCs; you’ve grown up together, and while your friend has had a much more exciting life than you so far, you hope one day to follow in your friend’s footsteps and see the world—or perhaps even become an adventurer yourself. You’ve picked up a lot from your friend, but particularly his or her skill in interacting with others. If Ameiko is your best friend, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks. If Sandru is your best friend, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Bluff checks. Whichever skill you gain a trait bonus on, that skill is always considered a class skill for you. In addition, in situations where your best friend is in danger, you gain a +1 trait bonus on all attack rolls against foes that threaten your friend. NPC Choices: Ameiko, Sandru.

Emphasis added. So, we’ve grown up together AND we are best friends currently. Supposedly.

The Road from Sandpoint

December 7th: The caravan set out from Sandpoint in the early morning. Sun rises around 7:30am and sets around 4:30pm, so 12 hours of travel time per day means setting out around 5am and setting camp around 5pm.
December 8th: The weather became colder walking further from the sea, and mud began giving way to frozen ground. Around this point Shalelu started drinking again.
December 9th: The caravan passed a tree bound in heavy chains. It radiated overwhelming evil.
December 10th: The caravan burned a bloodbrush that could have attacked another traveler.
December 11th: The caravan rested in Galduria. Scout went ice fishing on Lake Ember and caught a large catfish, which Aplenka cooked up for everyone.
December 12th: The caravan ran into another caravan full of Shelynites. They sang some hymn about a martyr while craftsmen repaired a wagon. Shalelu knew them, stopped to talk to some and came away happy.
December 13th: The caravan rested in Wolf’s Ear, once known as a safe community for werewolves. Wooden stakes were made and garlic was purchased. Hungry wild dogs got into some of the supplies.
December 14th: The caravan passed a questionable mercenary platoon.

The weather is now consistently in the 20’s F, and with windchill is colder, which has frozen the mud to allow for faster travel. Anyone outside a shelter (such as a covered wagon) takes 1d6 nonlethal cold damage per hour (DC 15plus1 per hour Fortitude). The caravan has been putting heavy winter blankets over the horses and mules to keep them warm (plus2 circumstance bonus!) and other care like calorie rich feeding and putting insulating grease over extremities (plus2 untyped bonus from Survival checks), but even so they seem to be suffering from the weather (base Fort plus8, Endurance, HP 19 means a plus16 check against 15 through 26 while traveling… failing 1 time per day on average). At night, the 20’ by 20’ pavilion tent has room for horses to warm up near the fire.

A periodic channel from Koya keeps the frostbite at bay when the sun goes down and the wind bites, but the cold has still been challenging. She has been using Endure Elements on the three drivers (who are stuck outside for 12 hours) every day. Shalelu seems relatively unfazed by the weather and suggests that she start scouting and Scout can stay in a wagon to stay warm. Ameiko breaks into bawdy songs whenever the weather seems miserable to lighten the mood… she would play her samisen but her fingers are too cold. Sandru has been driving, but he’s also been monitoring the horses for frostbite and trying to take care of them. Bevelek has been setting a speedy pace and cutting a trail well for others to follow around the path. The two guards continue to need names (level 1 warrior basic NPCs) while they say dumb things, while the wainwright (level 1 expert basic NPC) has spent his time carving up spare wagon parts on the boring trip with tools purchased by Ameiko. He picked up some firewood in Galduria to replenish the firewood supplies consumed out on the plains, and found some quality hardwood for sale as firewood. The PC wagon’s driver is not doing so well in the cold (another unnamed level 1 commoner basic NPC) and asks for help occasionally.

Everyone: Ameiko +1 “This trip has been the most fun I’ve had in years.”
Scout, Aplenka, Francisca: Koya +1 “Investigating strange things and strange places is really the joy of travel. And travel is the joy of life.”

OSR Gaming- Player and GM Agendas

Some commentary on old school/new school approaches to RPGs. I enjoy things like this. Though, it is long – 1 hr 20 mins. The meat of the video starts about 15/20 minutes in.

Back to the Past, Samurai Kaijitsu

December 5th
The group encountered some skeletons that animated upon being attacked. Their leader was a skeletal samurai, who challenged Scout and knocked him out before being taken down by the others. The samurai held a key to a treasure chest bearing the Kaijitsu crest. In the pommel of the samurai’s sword, a small tube contained a note written in Minkaian.

Delivering this family treasure and note to Ameiko, she read it aloud: it was a message from her grandfather to her father. The message spoke of forces hunting down the Kaijitsu family, and a hidden legacy in a box in Brinewall Castle. Nearly immediately, Ameiko began planning how to sell her family’s assets to expand and equip Sandru’s caravan for a trip up to Brinewall. Calling in the lawyers, accountants, merchants and local nobles, she held an all night conference to negotiate terms of transfer, purchase provisions and liquidate her assets.

December 6th
Shalelu, sober for the first time in a while, was running valuables and messages around for Ameiko. The group was hired onto the caravan as guards (and scout/cook or whatever) and allocated some money to round out the caravan. The day went on with intensive preparations, negotiated purchases and rigging the caravan to be ready to depart early the next morning.

The journey would be able 20 days to get to Brinewall in ideal conditions, but it’s still a muddy winter in Sandpoint. Getting to Brinewall and back to Sandpoint will likely take at least 50 days. This is the assumption Ameiko is working off of.

Today is the opportunity to plan, pack and prepare.

December 7th
[The caravan will be ready to roll out around 5am]

The Ship and the Cave

December 5th
The next morning, they attended a funeral for Eireen in the Boneyard. Bethana cried.
The group went back out towards Old Megus’ Shack when they ran into a goblin ambush that was itself ambushed by foreign skeletons. The goblins were carrying an old “Skyrocket” firework. The group burnt down Old Megus’ house, and took back the loot to sell.

The group came back later to check the track of the skeletons, and traced it back near an old shipwreck. The ship carried the nameplate “Kaijitsu’s Blossom” and found indications of old Tien-Min artifacts there. Exploring the island, they heard some odd sounds and decided to investigate a cave nearby. Inside the cave, there were more skeletons….


Old Megus' Shack

December 4th
That day, after some healing, the group went down to check out Old Megus’ Shack. They found the structure rather unsound, and it fell down upon them while trying to break down doors. Then there were rats, and a dead Eireen. The group ran, and a weird rat thing escaped. Eireen’s body was left at the cathedral, and Aplenka and Scout sold off Eireen’s personal effects to a trader in the Merchantile League.

End ~4pm

Scrounging for money

December 3rd:
With the druid off in the wild doing druid things, Scout, Aplenka and Eireen went about town trying to find healing and cash. Scout found out that Shalelu hadn’t actually been mutilating goblins, but had cut a deal with the goblin chieftan, under the rationales of “they’re pretty much fucked anyway” and “collecting just the ears is sticking it to The Man”. Eireen met Sandru, a caravan leader who might have a guard job for them in three days. Feeling emboldened, they set out into the Foggy Bottom swamp again in the rain at night, and found the sharp end of some snakes. Aplenka barely made it out alive, lost her spear, and the others took her back to the Rusty Dragon to rest. Ameiko, afraid she was about to lose her only kin, used magical means to restore her half-sister. Scout found a dozen job postings, from running messages and gentleman-of-the-night work to lawyers and Abadarian bankers wanted… and decided to just go out trapping instead.

December 4th:
With Scout and Bran out in the wild somewhere, Aplenka, Eireen and Hadraniel went off to look for Aplenka’s spear… and found some goblins setting up an ambush. Eireen and Hadraniel ran back towards civilization, and Aplenka ran into the swamp to find her spear. She found it, but not much else as she wandered for a few hours in this stream and that. Scout and Eireen had Shalelu go out to look for her, and Shalelu ran into Aplenka on the road back to town.

End ~1pm.

Aplenka: -1 Ameiko (“Keeping you alive is expensive”)
Scout: -1 Shalelu (“Goblin ears are drinking money”), +1 Kendra (“Gave up cash to ‘do the right thing’”)
Eireen: +1 Sandru (“A lucky halfing offering to be a caravan guard?”)

Alignment notes


“Mortals with an evil alignment, however, are different from [evil outsiders]. In fact, having an evil alignment alone does not make one a super-villain or even require one to be thwarted or killed. The extent of a character’s evil alignment might be a lesser evil, like selfishness, greed, or extreme vanity.”

Good: “protect innocent life”
Evil: “debase or destroy innocent life”

“Innocent” here means without proof of committing a capital crime (a crime punishable by death by good authorities). Many good individuals and deities argue that there are no such things as capital crimes, as all killing is evil, and put up many practical hurdles to prevent accidental killings in retribution. Capital crimes generally include first degree murder (intentionally killing sentient creatures), treason, perjury leading to the death of an innocent, kidnapping resulting in death, or creating undead. To some authorities, crimes such as aggravated rape, drug trafficking, arson or sexual abuse of a minor might be considered capital crimes. In most cases, a series of individuals must all agree that the perpetrator is guilty of the capital crime before a punishment of death may be considered permissible.

Being good does not require legal authority. The above are examples of what laws a good ruler or deity might enact. The actual laws of a society need not be good, though almost all good and neutral societies consider murder to be an least a serious crime, and generally a capital crime. Evil deities and individuals might provide a death penalty for having a holy symbol of a good deity. In this case, having the holy symbol would not be an evil act, and most good characters would see anyone enforcing this law as evil.

Killing a sentient creature because the laws of its society are evil (e.g., a goblin) is itself an evil act. And in many jurisdictions of good law, it would be a capital offense. And most good folk don’t take kindly to people who talk about their killing others.

An example Lawful Neutral creed:
1) Worship the Lawful Neutral god
2) Don’t worship anything else even to indirectly worship the Lawful Neutral god
3) Respect the name of the Lawful Neutral god
4) Don’t force your slaves to work more than 6 days in a row
5) Respect your elders
6) Don’t kill sentient creatures
7) Only have sex with who the church authorizes
8) Don’t steal
9) Don’t lie
10) Don’t covet other people’s things

The first day

December 1st
The group at the Rusty Dragon set out to investigate the rumor of a witch selling some sort of “love bomb” to one of Ameiko’s stalkers, and potentially investigating rumors of goblin attacks and or recovering the body of the Rusty Dragon bouncer. Instead, they found some dead goblins, an aberration eating dead goblins (slain), and some aberration (who fled) mimicking a halfling named Walthus.

December 2nd
They rested at Walthus’ house.

December 3rd
The group headed back towards Sandpoint, killing a fleeing mother and child along the way and stopping at the Rusty Dragon.

Relationship modifiers:
Scout: +2 Shalelu, -1 Koya, -1 Ameiko, -1 Father Zanthus
Everybody: +5 Walthus


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