Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

Alignment notes


“Mortals with an evil alignment, however, are different from [evil outsiders]. In fact, having an evil alignment alone does not make one a super-villain or even require one to be thwarted or killed. The extent of a character’s evil alignment might be a lesser evil, like selfishness, greed, or extreme vanity.”

Good: “protect innocent life”
Evil: “debase or destroy innocent life”

“Innocent” here means without proof of committing a capital crime (a crime punishable by death by good authorities). Many good individuals and deities argue that there are no such things as capital crimes, as all killing is evil, and put up many practical hurdles to prevent accidental killings in retribution. Capital crimes generally include first degree murder (intentionally killing sentient creatures), treason, perjury leading to the death of an innocent, kidnapping resulting in death, or creating undead. To some authorities, crimes such as aggravated rape, drug trafficking, arson or sexual abuse of a minor might be considered capital crimes. In most cases, a series of individuals must all agree that the perpetrator is guilty of the capital crime before a punishment of death may be considered permissible.

Being good does not require legal authority. The above are examples of what laws a good ruler or deity might enact. The actual laws of a society need not be good, though almost all good and neutral societies consider murder to be an least a serious crime, and generally a capital crime. Evil deities and individuals might provide a death penalty for having a holy symbol of a good deity. In this case, having the holy symbol would not be an evil act, and most good characters would see anyone enforcing this law as evil.

Killing a sentient creature because the laws of its society are evil (e.g., a goblin) is itself an evil act. And in many jurisdictions of good law, it would be a capital offense. And most good folk don’t take kindly to people who talk about their killing others.

An example Lawful Neutral creed:
1) Worship the Lawful Neutral god
2) Don’t worship anything else even to indirectly worship the Lawful Neutral god
3) Respect the name of the Lawful Neutral god
4) Don’t force your slaves to work more than 6 days in a row
5) Respect your elders
6) Don’t kill sentient creatures
7) Only have sex with who the church authorizes
8) Don’t steal
9) Don’t lie
10) Don’t covet other people’s things

The first day

December 1st
The group at the Rusty Dragon set out to investigate the rumor of a witch selling some sort of “love bomb” to one of Ameiko’s stalkers, and potentially investigating rumors of goblin attacks and or recovering the body of the Rusty Dragon bouncer. Instead, they found some dead goblins, an aberration eating dead goblins (slain), and some aberration (who fled) mimicking a halfling named Walthus.

December 2nd
They rested at Walthus’ house.

December 3rd
The group headed back towards Sandpoint, killing a fleeing mother and child along the way and stopping at the Rusty Dragon.

Relationship modifiers:
Scout: +2 Shalelu, -1 Koya, -1 Ameiko, -1 Father Zanthus
Everybody: +5 Walthus

matters of control


Jade Regent: Visions of Jade
Character creation and first session

Character creation guidelines:
15 point buy
RAW is default, exceptions will be made on request to make the game more interesting.
Don’t be too cheesy


Sources and Rules:
1) There must be a copy of the book/printout if you want to use 3rd party stuff. There must at least be the complete text (e.g. PDF) for any Paizo materials used. If the 3rd party stuff is good enough to use, just pay them.
2) RAW is default, variations and house rules proposals are welcome and encouraged. Half the party plus DM to approve.
3) Make it interesting and not overpowered, and I’ll probably approve.
4) If Paizo felt like it needed to get nerfed in later books, the original was probably overpowered. If they felt it had to be improved, choose whichever version you prefer.
5) Have a normal character and a Gestalt character. If we hit 3 players, we revert to Gestalt.
6) I have plenty of ideas for alternate mechanics, but I’m not going to propose them unless asked.

Protip: The amount of travel in this game means a mounted character can actually be very useful. So, I expect a party of 4 cavaliers. Ok, maybe not.


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