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Gestalt contrast

I did a “what if” gestalt of Francisca with bloodrager. I also updated her base character sheet here to let you all see the differences. It wasn’t a full update including new ability descriptions, but the weapons have been added and numeric stats updated. Without further ado…

Normal Francisca, no rage or smite: http://pastebin.com/QetMRszC
Raging plus smite: http://pastebin.com/G01JP9bT

Major changes are hp and extra attack statistics thanks to rage. Also got a few more skill ranks that I put to offset ACP and give her ranks in perception. The celestial bloodline from bloodrager also gives her +1d6 versus evil outsiders and her weapons count as good while she’s raging which will stack with holy/bane that will be down the line plus a few other defensive abilities. Plus, the spells from bloodrager lets her enlarge and draw a line that lets her take more AoOs which are quite fitting for her being a paladin.

Just an exhibition if we want to go hunting that army ourselves.


c’mon Chuck, you know you want to.

Gestalt contrast

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