Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

Character creation and first session

Character creation guidelines:
15 point buy
RAW is default, exceptions will be made on request to make the game more interesting.
Don’t be too cheesy


Sources and Rules:
1) There must be a copy of the book/printout if you want to use 3rd party stuff. There must at least be the complete text (e.g. PDF) for any Paizo materials used. If the 3rd party stuff is good enough to use, just pay them.
2) RAW is default, variations and house rules proposals are welcome and encouraged. Half the party plus DM to approve.
3) Make it interesting and not overpowered, and I’ll probably approve.
4) If Paizo felt like it needed to get nerfed in later books, the original was probably overpowered. If they felt it had to be improved, choose whichever version you prefer.
5) Have a normal character and a Gestalt character. If we hit 3 players, we revert to Gestalt.
6) I have plenty of ideas for alternate mechanics, but I’m not going to propose them unless asked.

Protip: The amount of travel in this game means a mounted character can actually be very useful. So, I expect a party of 4 cavaliers. Ok, maybe not.


In the suggestions department, my top 3 Unchained alterations would be any of background skills, skill unlocks, and automatic bonus progression.

Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

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