Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

Plans versus the army of demons

What do we want to do? Francisca is all for going total war with them head to head.


As a player – I think waging total war against a daemon army sounds fun and would certainly leave us with lots of options. Who and how do we recruit, gathering intel, preping for war etc. I think going to war right now would be a terrible idea, but deciding on that as the goal then working towards it sounds fun. I have no idea if that is what Chuck has in mind but seems like a fun direction and would let us use aspects of our characters that wouldn’t normally get a lot of use in a standard ‘dungeon crawl’ campaign. For instance I would definitely have Chitt spend a significant amount of time engineering firearm siege weapons and doing research on the Oni.

As a character Chitt really has one goal – to be famous, he left his small dirt hobble when he was young to make a name for himself and hasn’t stopped trying since. However – he doesn’t know Ameiko and isn’t going to chase after who screwed him over that he has no ties to. How he is motivated to come back into the fray will determine what his actions however the prospect of being a major part of taking down a demon empire would be appealing so long as he felt he would receive some of the credit.

Plans versus the army of demons

As part of the ‘Visions of Jade’, everyone saw the army of oni in the Minkai Empire. Koya has spent some time communing with the spirits of travel and can give you a general description of what lies between Minkai and Varisia:

For an army in Minkai to get to Varisia, they would need to either take the roads north through the Forest of Spirits, the large nation of Hangal, climb the Wall of Heaven mountain range, traverse hundreds of miles of frozen tundra of the Altan Zuud, then climb the High Ice glacial plateau, travel hundreds of miles through polar winter, various Erutaki nations, cross the Rimethirst mountains, then through the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. The alternative is to sail from Minkai across the Okaiyo Ocean, the iceberg infested Songil Sea, land and cross the continent of Arcadia, then sail across the Steaming Sea to get to the Varisian Gulf. Either way, it’s thousands of miles and very rare for any army in history to ever move that far.

While it’s possible some might use teleportation or flight, that would probably be a small fraction of the army. Most would wait for you to come to them, since anyone who doesn’t enter Minkai will largely be irrelevant to them. Of course, for most people it only takes one fiend to ruin their day.

Plans versus the army of demons

Francisca is written to be green, sheltered, and a bit naive/prideful due to her sheltered upbringing. She is a noble from a noble family just like Ameiko albeit a less famous one but has never been out on her own. It’s not that she isn’t used to work. She did train as a soldier (though I imagine it’s kind of like a senator’s kid going through officer school) and can take orders but it’s a simple “I did the steps in order, why don’t I have the prize” kind of take on things.

Seeing an army in one place doesn’t mean they’re not going to another. Even if they don’t all abandon one land to claim another, it doesn’t mean a force of hundreds or even thousands isn’t on its way and I doubt they’re going to be slowed by some cold weather. I imagine they have servants and various grunts at their service as well. I see what you’re saying Chuck, and that’s probably how the AP is written but the vision is basically how Francisca is taking it. Until she hears back from her father, she is content to stay in place and try to convince Ameiko to take her throne.

I’m a bit at a loss on how to bring Chit back in. Fame can certainly be had in sweeping out a usurping force to restore a family to power but unless he can see that opportunity for himself, I’m not sure how to present it to him. Have an empress (i.e. ruler of an empire) in your debt can totally be useful. If the party survives intact, I would expect us to be made high-ranking officials in her new government or advisers at the very least with all the perks that can entail.

Plans versus the army of demons

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