Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

The first day

December 1st
The group at the Rusty Dragon set out to investigate the rumor of a witch selling some sort of “love bomb” to one of Ameiko’s stalkers, and potentially investigating rumors of goblin attacks and or recovering the body of the Rusty Dragon bouncer. Instead, they found some dead goblins, an aberration eating dead goblins (slain), and some aberration (who fled) mimicking a halfling named Walthus.

December 2nd
They rested at Walthus’ house.

December 3rd
The group headed back towards Sandpoint, killing a fleeing mother and child along the way and stopping at the Rusty Dragon.

Relationship modifiers:
Scout: +2 Shalelu, -1 Koya, -1 Ameiko, -1 Father Zanthus
Everybody: +5 Walthus



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