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Relationship Scores

Went through totaled Francisca’s total relationship scores. These give mechanical bonuses as well as XP. Since we’re not doing XP leveling, this doesn’t matter in a granular fashion, but should mean we get levels maybe a little sooner as the rewards aren’t insignificant.

To recap, your relationship score is a base of your charisma modifier. Any campaign trait with an NPC gives you a +4 bonus. When you level, you can choose to increase it by 1 with an NPC of your choice. Then you can give gifts to get more and the rewards gained through play.

Here are Francisca’s values with all that factored in for her.

Ameiko: 12 (Fellowship – +1,600 XP)
Shelelu: 6 (Friendship – +200 XP)
Kelda and Koya: 5 (Associates – No XP)
Everyone Else: 3 (Associates)

1,800 XP translates to quarter of the way from 4th to 5th level assuming medium XP advancement. The reward for devotion is +3,200 XP the first time and you keep getting XP rewards for other NPCs relationship advancements. I would argue this translates roughly to being 1 level ahead than the RAW XP rewards in the AP alone.

Also, having a fellowship with an NPC gives me a +1 morale bonus to all charisma-based checks which is huge as a charisma based character. This puts her diplomacy modifier at a +17 as long as Ameiko is alive. I’m going to start tracking these on my character profile here on OP and in my paper notes.


I’m totally making up the relationship modifiers as I go, basically so you can see how other caravan members react to your actions. Since there’s long-term relationships here, it matters more than most APs. But I’m much more liberal in handing out the bonuses than the book is. Like by the book, finding the Amatatsu Seal for Ameiko is a +1 relationship… getting someone out of a coma, risking your life to get them something valuable seems like it’s worth more than a +1 to me. I’m not sure what types of mechanical benefits to award yet, but Francisca is clearly the closest of the PCs to Ameiko.

Relationship Scores

Ah. Yeah, that’s all per the player’s guide.

Relationship Scores

So we don’t need to manage these, you will?

Relationship Scores

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