Jade Regent: Visions of Jade

Setting sail for Kalsgard

Jan 8th: Aplenka introduces Faunra to the caravan. Aplenka and Faunra find out some things about Kalsgard. Ellie continues keeping Shalelu sober as a sponsor. Francisca picks up two guards, Otto and Virginia. The caravan loaded up onto the ship (“The Lusty Eel”, run by Captain Sutten). Lucian spends his time reading and observing the fellow humans. The trip from Riddleport to Kalsgard is expected to be 11 days.

Jan 9th: Ellie tries to get Shalelu into gambling. Shalelu does not get addicted yet.

Jan 10th: Sailing, sailing…

Jan 11th: Twelve Sahuagin attack. The party killed 5, 2 were unconscious, and 5 fled. No casualties among the ship’s crew or caravan, and no damage was done to the ship. Captain Sutten is extremely grateful for your assistance, and will offer a token of his gratitude (TBD depending on checks).

Loot from the sahuagin: 7 tridents (base value 15 gp ea), 7 underwater heavy crossbows (100gp ea), 80 bolts (8 gp total), a lead holy symbol of Besmara (5 pounds, Sandru appraises it at 10 gp), a black pearl (Sandru appraises it at 300gp), two Potion Sponges of Air Bubble (identified by Koya, Sandru appraises it at 52gp ea). If you have Sandru sell it all in Kalsgard, total proceeds will be 760gp, splitting 430gp into the caravan’s fund and 380gp to the PCs to split.

Ellie: +1 Shalelu (“This sobriety thing isn’t easy”)
Francisca: No change
Aplenka: No change
Faunra: No change



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